When you see one of your friends through the window of your class…

Being in a class with no one you know..

You finished your homework before everyone in class..

That awkward face when you have to sneeze but you can’t..


That awkward moment when..

You see someone really good looking so you stand and stare at them,

And when they look back at you they give you that awkward, but polite smile.

Then you give them some suggestive look that just looks more scary than seductive.

And then they awkwardly look around trying to break the stare,

Then finally, you make some inappropriate or weird gesture to tip the scale,

And then they run…

Why must they always run….?

Me as goalie…

Wen ppl ovr da age ov 6 stll typ lyk dis

Justin Made it through TWO glass doors.

Anybody else: So?